About me

About me

What do we do here at the House of Rhythm and Flavor? the House of Rhythm and Flavor is a creative healing space. Currently operating only in the virtual sphere, we offer Shamanic Energy Medicine healing sessions, Tarot card readings, and Dream consultations, including my new creation : Dream Tarot. Laurelann Porter Healing Services is prepared to handle a variety of issues people have faced relating to your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

My own healing journey began in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic when I felt like the world around me, and all of its structures of support, was collapsing. I began what I would later realize was a deep personal transformation where I learned to reinvent my relationship to food, access my own personal mental clarity and power, and learn to help and heal others with dreamwork and shamanic energy medicine. I made the very difficult decision to leave my full-time position as a professor at a university and shift completely to healing arts. By 2022 I will be certified by the Four Winds Society as an Energy Medicine Practitioner. By the same time I will have received a Level I Certificate in Dream Tending from the Pacifica Graduate Institute.

We are also creatives here. So we are continuously expanding our artistic productions in music, performance, and film/video. And we are also co-creating new ways to incorporate creative practices into meaningful and impactful healing services.

I hope to see you at the House of Rhythm and Flavor soon!

Listen to Your Higher Self

Dream Tarot

Dream Tarot is a unique process I developed to spend time first tending to a client’s dream, then doing a tarot reading on the dream to gain insights from the psyche. I created a spread designed specifically to open up your receptivity to the messages your higher self is trying to give you.

Start Dreaming a new world into being

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Shamanic Energy Medicine is a system of practices whereby we can help clients resolve deep-seated issues and core emotional woundings. We do not treat symptoms and we are not medical doctors. We help clients create the conditions for wellness. Often times this will result in reduced symptomatic conditions. We help you remap your personal mythology so you can begin living your most fabulous creative life right away.

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